Ecological risk assessment of heavy metals in brown trout (Salmo trutta m. fario) from the military training area Boletice (Czech republic).

OBJECTIVES: This study to assess the environmental pollution status in streams (Loutecky, Spicak, Olsina, Trebovicky, Polecnicky and Luzny) from the Boletice area.

DESIGN: Were determined of some metal (Hg, Pb, Cd) concentrations in the muscle and correlations among selected metals as well as standard length and total weight in brown trouth - Salmo trutta morpha fario.

RESULTS: The contents of the analyzed metals in muscles were Hg 0.19-0.72, Pb 0.01-0.6 and Cd 0.020-0.083 mg/kg wet weight basis and these concentrations did not exceed the limits admissible in the Czech Republic.

CONCLUSIONS: The Czech republic permissible limit for Hg (0.5 mg/kg to omnivors, 1 mg/kg to predators), Pb (0.3 mg/kg) and Cd (0.05 mg/kg) defined in the Codex Alimentarius for safe human consumption exceeded in 6%, 3%, and 0% of analyzed samples for Hg, Pb and Cd respectively. On an average, the order of metal concentrations in the fish muscle was: Hg>Pb>Cd.

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